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Doyon Hall uses Scenario Thinking as a tool for planning for an unpredictable future.

Scenario thinking can be used to help develop a strategic plan or it can be used as a tool to help facilitate strategic discussion.

Scenarios are a set of stories about alternative possible future business environments – sociological, technological, economic, environmental, and political – that are relevant, challenging, plausible, and clear. Scenarios are a tool for an organization to develop a deep, shared understanding about the complex, uncertain unfolding of its business environment and its opportunities and threats. Scenarios help us to reach beyond common conceptions of the future – they are a re-perceiving of our assumptions and conclusions.

Scenarios are useful for:

¨      Developing Next Practices – innovative strategies for dealing with a highly uncertain future

¨      Validating (or not) and improving previously developed strategies or plans

¨      Providing a framework for assessing new proposals and programs

¨      Creating a shared language and a shared map of the future

¨      Developing a learning organization

¨      Designing a plan for creating the future


Doyon Hall partners with its clients to develop rich, useful scenarios. We design and facilitate the process of tapping the collective wisdom of the client organization and identifying and exploiting new, unfamiliar sources of knowledge and information.

 The scenario thinking process consists of the following basic activities and can be designed to meet your specific needs:

• Leading deep conversations with formal and informal leaders in the client organization to establish the key questions and strategic issues at hand and to identify a cross-sectional team representing all relevant portions of the organization.

• Running one day to multi-day, residential scenario workshops to construct a set of two to four scenarios and, from these scenarios, to draw out strategic insights.

• Working with the leaders of the client organization to convert these insights into conclusions and plans.